My deepest respect to what have been created by Sanan and the wonderful people who support and assist him. The weaving cooperation is truly a great way to support the mountain villagers and also let visitors from all over the world know the handicraft traditions that these people have inherited from their ancestors.
I wish you all the best for the future.

Oyyind Krage


Been watching this community progress and it warms my heart with every post. Keep up the great work team.

Shayna Jai

He really cares and u can see the reflection of it in the people’s faces,they know and care about him.

Natasha Harrington

Tenacity. It is not easy to do this work in any time or place!!!

Stephanie Moore

Most amazing work they do...support them!

Carla VD Steen Selier

Heartful pure service, and great photos of the kids and families!

Duane Light


David Sanan is one of the most authentic human beings that I know, and his love and commitment to the people of Pisac is a great inspiration to me. I have been working from long distance on a school project in Uganda for ten years, but have not been able to visit it. David's hands on approach while living and working with these sweet people is truly remarkable.

Rae H. George

Such a wonderful cause. Grateful to support and I just donated again. Please donate and support this fine organization.

Leilani Benatovich


A genuine, not for profit organisation dedicated to helping the struggling indigenous Quechua communities to help themselves, in the Sacred Valley, Peru. The founder and director, Sanan, is an inspirational man, who has dedicated his life to this cause. His sacrifice has been difficult, and he does not profit from support. I visited the organisation five years ago, and can vouch for its authenticity.

Mark Edwards

He is giving his life to serve others, he needs financial help to bring more programs of sustainability to the Peruvian mountain people.

Ruth McKay Hornseth

Amistad Sagrada is full of heart and soul.

Jane Ginsberg