I am the seed of a dream that was sent here a long time ago.
There are so many like us on earth right now.
Our ancestors still live on far away stars.
We were here on a journey
to help this planet go through a big transition.
I sure hope some of my sisters and brothers
are still feeling this kind of inspiration.
This is a call-out to friends
and a message from the near future.
There have been many casualties among our tribe,
in varied distractions do many now thrive.
But these times will soon make it clear to all,
as the good will thrive the false will fall.
We are all so human in this precious dance of life,
and the many factors to consider cannot be denied.
So here with you now I will share this Dream
that before my eyes is changing to Seen.
I am being told I can no longer wait
to receive and know this gift so great,
to both hear and write these words to you now,
and to begin to manifest a vision which is not my own
but within my heart has grown and grown.
I am in humble, grateful service to this dream
so that it may be known in form and become very real.
In these days when the veils between the worlds are thin
and we can feel the changes without and within,
no doubt this is the time we have all been waiting for.
I am a disciple of life.
I am not part of any religion or group.
My message is simple
and will be spoken in our actions and deeds,
as already there are so many words in the world.
(humor break: including this super long post lol �� )
It will soon be clear for all to see,
and even to participate in
on many potential levels
We are starting a community based on a simple sacred life
of healing, celebration, and truly healthy living.
We are here in peaceful service to a world in strife.
We represent a new way that is coming through now,
I am trying to share it with you but I don't know how.
People may ask what lineage, guru or tribe is this?
It will be impossible to put us in any box
because we are here that we ourselves
could come to find a Greater Love,
to live and show another way,
while lifting up and caring for our family, community,
friends and neighbors every day.
We are offering our hearts sincerely, humbly,
and with gratitude and celebration,
that we too could have a chance to be part of this new creation,
with a vision of service so deep, kind and good,
one that will touch the lives of many
just as Great Spirit said it would.
We will radiate this energy out for all who will receive it,
as we build a New Community of the Future,
and lay the ground work, foundation,
and visible and invisible infrastructure,
for this work of Love, Healing,
Awakening, and Celebration
that is soon now to follow.
It happens inherently in the very process of creation.
It happens in the very moment of our self offering.
We are building a home for Love to be Born In.
We are building a community for a Vibrant Life of Service
and Thanksgiving to be Grow, and Thrive In.
Our projects will help many many people all over
who are hurting, lonely or lacking in these times.
This is not just another pretty poem my friends.
With these transmissions, with these downloads,
I am creating an actual portal so that some may join us in time,
and friends who are here now already, like yourself,
can come even closer.
We are preparing a place of healing for all of us.
That means you too.
And me as well!
And all the beautiful Andean Families here in the Sacred Valley
and the Indigenous Mountain Communities.
Let me share with you now
why this Divine Vision will Blossom and Thrive...
simply put we are offering a service
that is missing and sorely needed in the world.
We are offering a new way to "give" by first receiving,
remembering what true wealth and abundance
really is.
This vision is very unique and dimensionally different
than any other non profit organization, NGO, Eco-Village,
Intentional Community, Healing Center or Ashram out there.
It has a whole different context and operating system.
It will incorporate the essence and form of all these
but will dramatically transcend them as well.
It is an entirely new integration
Our community is being designed to serve and uplift
those who are here to help others.
The entire structure of our community
is integrally and inherently connected with the Pueblo we live in
and the Indigenous Communities all around us.
This will be ultimately evolve into a full spectrum Transformational Healing Center, Spa, and Ashram.
We will fund our projects in the Indigenous Mountain Communities
and the Sacred Valley/Cusco through
our Spa and Tourism.
It will afford a container, a context
for our deepest health, sustainability, well being and happiness,
while positively participating in our host Pueblo and Country.
This community will be for people who feel they are on Sacred Service on this Earth to Love and Uplift Her Children in this Most Epic Chapter of All Time and resonate with what we are doing.
We are a tiny project that will grow huge,
but larger still will be the impact on millions of people over time
who will be touched by the ripple effects
as this vision is rolled out
and made manifest.
We show up simple, real, human, as ourselves,
with all our gifts and wounds,
with all our beauty and imperfections,
to offer our lives now not tomorrow,
in Service to the Great Work.
We will heal ourselves first on all levels,
and gently remove the blockages
to the Waters of our Life Stream.
We will raise healthy families
and teach our children well.
We will uplift thousands of Indigenous Families here
and be a model for the world.
We will create a much bigger legacy
than we ever could have alone
in this short precious life,
because we are serving in a Bigger Dream,
Pachamama's Dream.
She has a dream that Her Children are made well
and that the Indigenous People can thrive again,
and we get to be pioneers to make that happen.
From our Natural State of Peace and Wonder,
we can reach out to those
who do not even have enough food to eat,
or a school, or much hope,
and turn their world around.
Living simply as we will,
yet simultaneously creating thriving businesses
here on the ground in Peru (and via the internet store online), affords an incredible amount of leverage,
given our philosophy of using resources beyond our needs
to fund our service projects.
This kind of Community-of-the-Heart with cash-flow
can do so much good for the most beautiful children and families
can literally uplift the lives of thousands
in the most awesome, sustainable and empowering of ways.
My friends here in the Indigenous Mountain Communities
of the Sacred Valley of Peru deserve the best,
and our Community will be devoted to making that happen.
And by offering the best to our beautiful friends here,
and personally, each of us offering our best,
we can create a life beyond our imaginations.
I am so grateful to be holding space for this vision to manifest,
and I can't wait to soon share it with you in action!
I know we will soon be swimming freely
in the waters of profound joy, purpose and celebration,
as together we will find that hidden wellspring,
that secret of service and self offering,
that will bring us and the world
the greatest peace
and hope.
I fully know that those who assist and participate in this
will be fully blessed, because I am already feeling and seeing it. ��
Much Love,
Thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate it a lot.