Many are becoming increasingly concerned as how to best navigate the coming times. Let us be very loving and forgiving with ourselves and each other for the most gentle awakening from whatever flavor of slumber we might have been living in.

As we accept each moment of shadow and light
as it arises in our life
and offer it back into the love that we are,
we will become whole again.

Often people will say “where to go, what to do”?
We go deeper into where we are now.

We enter into the Sacred Service of Love wherever we are.

The solutions to the problems on this planet
can not be found in the same plane of reality
that they were created in.

We can not sit on the sidelines of the Greatest Show on Earth
manifesting before our very, if open, eyes.

If we are alive we will need to respond somehow.

Our response can be our own journey of awakening and self offering,
our healing through the sadness we feel for those who are suffering,
as well as the stress of our own predicaments.

We are awakening in a world that has clearly lost it’s way.
We do not want to lose our own way at this crucial juncture.

Let us not wait for something to snap us out of our illusions
but let us see through them now.

Let us pray to know the deeper purpose that is possible,
and how we can participate in it starting immediately.
The solution, the answer, to the quandary of these times,
does not come from this world of sadness, pain and lack
as is experienced by billions at this very moment,
even among those who seemingly have wealth and privilege.

Let us sit in circle with our Sisters and Brothers
and hold space for each other
to find our way Home.

Let us offer the precious gift we are receiving
in the moments we are here on earth, our lives,
in service of the Higher Love.

This Love is not just a feeling or a knowing,
it is a Being and a Doing.

Karma Yoga, Dharma, Right Action,
if we enter into it, it will take us,
because it is the wave, the will,
the true desire of Pachamama and Great Spirit
to care for those who are hurting.

To Love and Lift Up
the Indigenous Peoples,
the Children, the Elders, all of us.
The Mother Earth Herself.

By participating in this through some form of service
that will directly touch the lives of others,
all those parts of ourselves we have been trying to heal
will be washed clean.

When we offer ourselves as a vehicle for Love in Action
we get big time filled by that same love.

It is “God” in any language or tradition,
and we will know it when we find it.

If everyone is using their energy fighting the darkness
who will be left to build a world of happiness?

If the awakened who dream of a Planet of Peace
started creating that for those around them now
it would manifest.

This is the answer to the question
“where to go, what to do?”

This is where to go my friends.

This is the “place” of safety and certainty
in uncertain times.

This is the Foundation, the Solid Ground of Faith and Knowing
that we move on.

This is how we find the light in these times,
by helping to uncover it in others.

This is how to find the love we long for,
by giving it to others.

We heal, cleanse, breathe and dance,
we sing and sit in sacred ceremony.

We feel, share and expose all that is hidden in the night
so we can know a Higher Love and Deeper Life.

We pray to receive the Medicine of Our Service.

Then we do it.

This Medicine is somehow loving others.

Underneath our stage presence
may rest much confusion, lack,
unfulfillment, yearning, longing,
dreaming, hoping…

But that will all melt in a moment of reaching out
to someone who is hurting, sad, or forgotten
more, or even less, than we are.

If we want to be remembered by Great Spirit in these times
and know the Greatest Love and the Highest Life,
we reach out to others.

It’s a paradox, yes,
but a beautiful truth that needs to be known.

No amount of selfie-fixating, spiritually elevating
experiences or appearances
are going to ever get us out of the pretty cage
we may be living or even, apparently, thriving in.

Try to find perfect happiness for ourselves
our “dream life”
and the dream will slip through our fingers
as it has for many of us
up until now.

This is a message to ourselves
from our own future “death” bed,
and it can change the course of our destiny,
if we can receive it.

Bring others happiness
and we will be filled,
far beyond our hopes, imaginations or fantasies
of a future perfect life.

The Dream of Pachamama
is bigger than ours.

By participating in Her Dream,
we get to know something big and wonderful,
a hidden, precious secret in this world.

Our True Medicine, received within our souls
from the Heart of Great Spirit,
will be our life-path.

This is how we find our way Home,
by creating comfort for others.

By reaching out to those who are innocent
and offering our very lives in service
to that which is still pure and true in this world.

Even if we feel we have no qualification or ability,
we already have everything we need to do this.

Those who we lift up now
will be the way-showers later,
into a world of profound possibilities
and celebration.

In this way we will find again our Truth, Innocence and Purpose,
a Higher Love than we may ever have known before.

May it be so
that the children of light
remember our true destiny.

With Much Respect and Love
to Each of You reading this.
From a Cold Starry Night
in the Sacred Valley of the Andes,


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