The millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of people who come through the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu every year do not positively impact the lives of the vast majority of Native People who live here. All that hope and possibility is just passing them by.
All this tourism is certainly making a bunch of folks wealthy in this spiritual marketplace, but not the Indigenous Mountain Communities; the people who make this place so special.
It’s time for a change. ❤
We are passionate about helping the local indigenous people to improve their lives in all ways while maintaining the full integrity of their ancient sacred culture.
In order for us to stop the tide of young adults leaving the communities, we will create sustainable businesses and opportunities within the communities.
We will bring the children together with the elders so they can teach them the last remaining wisdom, stories, teachings, that they hold; to pass this precious lineage of information down.
One of our first projects from our new location will be one that takes care of forgotten and abandoned elders in our village.
We are creating a natural healing clinic to assist the hundreds of children and adults who are sick with any number of maladies at a given time. (Opening in Pisaq November 2016).
We are over 7 deep years into creating our “community within the community” here in Pisaq.
While our external projects embody our actions up until now, the social connectivity, friendship (amistad) that has been carefully, devotedly and patiently built, are the true foundations of what is about to happen.
This is one of the last intact remaining indigenous populations on the planet. ❤
Amistad Sagrada is perfectly positioned to grow into the most exciting, evolutionary service organization in the entire area, bringing in a totally new model.
Assisting, empowering, protecting and inspiring the children here is a major step is guarding what is most precious, pure and innocent that is still gracing this earth.
Right now, there is no lack of vision, heart, energy, ability or will. We have the staff, we have the connections, we are a well seasoned team ready to expand.
There are no other NGO’s, Non Profit Organizations or any other type of group like us in the entire Sacred Valley, and nothing remotely similar to where we are going.
We are now ready to reach out and find the financial help to make this dream grow and begin to fulfill it’s potential.
We are creating the infrastructure for friends in the West and worldwide to co-collaborate, participate, and experience the joy of this sacred work.
The intention is to create the most nourishing, positive, healthy, creative and educational environment for the children to gain great wellness, learning, life experience and skill sets.
To fully protect their culture and life while increasing nutrition, health, self esteem, and dramatically increasing their options for their future.
We will create opportunity within the communities, to halt the tide of young people who are leaving to the cities (Cusco, Lima and beyond), and create a context and structure to engage those who want to participate.
Our intention is to uplift of one of the last remaining indigenous cultures on the planet, and nourish what is good in life so we may all thrive and grow.
This is far beyond a just a hand up, this is truly a vision to activate fully sustainable empowerment.
The old, dysfunctional model of “service work, development, NGO, religious or non-religious work of this kind is to have a people from another culture and country coming over to the poor brown or black people and giving something to them, and often trying to change them.
More often than not this is a negative intrusion with often less than desired outcomes. Bringing in any kind of religious, ideological, cultural, educational, dietary, or other levels of interference is often going to to do more harm than good.
It’s a fine line easily crossed.
The old model of us giving to them has created a false expectation of dependency and does not create empowerment on any level for any one involved.
The ultimate positive circle of empowerment is learning to able to do something yourself, and to help others in the same ways you have been helped.
Skill sets are of the most value in any community, and expanding and deepening these to be able to effect dramatic positive change in their own communities while sustaining them at the same time is a win-win model.
Many of the youth are being drawn into the cities. They are chasing the dream, the illusion that many of us have long left behind.
The ironic tragedy of this is that they already have paradise. The most beautiful, epic land, surrounded by endless Andes and pastures, animals, water, fields of flowers and plants and food. Family, tribe, culture.
The most precious things on planet earth.
And as the older children leave the communities, chasing the illusions and money, it is very sad for all.
It is easy to lose one’s culture but difficult to bring it back.
This project will engage many of the children and youth of the communities to create a renewed inspiration, identity, pride, self esteem, and an opportunity to stay within their communities and join with us to create conscious businesses.
Working together.
Realizing the truth that we are all getting fed by having such a rare and precious opportunity to offer our gifts to the world in a meaningful way.
Activating a chance for conscious travelers to have a deeper connection with the Andean People in a way that actually makes a difference, and an expanded opportunity to realize one of the most forgotten, simple, and fulfilling things we can do in our lives…
that to give is to receive.
Thank you so much for being friends on this journey.
We are so deeply grateful for all the love and support
we have received up until now.
Now we are almost ready to begin a huge new chapter.
It will be a leap of faith,
based on a vision of love and service.
�� We need your help to make this leap! ��
Together we can create miracles, hope and possibility
for generations of Andean People,
my friends and neighbors here in the Sacred Valley.
With Love, Respect and Gratitude,
from a Cold Starry Night
Deep in the Heart of the Peru…
Sanan ❤

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