Underneath even the the most awesome conscious lifestyle,
perfect diet, evolutionary thinking, great intentions,
positive affirmations, cool visualizations, amazing friends,
dance, festivals, health food stores, music, yoga, healing work, and infinite seeming possibilities,
there is an unspoken something,
that is knocking on the doors of our heart
from the inside.

If a growing organic buffet of all the coolest lifestyle choices in itself would enable us to inherently find that epic, happy, purposeful, thriving, life of our dreams, then why are so many in our tribe coming to realize they are concerned, confused, and suffering right now?

Everyone is totally unique and perfect in their life-path;
this post is only one small glimmer
among 8 billion beautiful perspectives
in the ocean of human stars
that we all are
living on this planet.

Bows to the Eternal One who resides peacefully within each of us.

We are here for a greater purpose.

We are here on a higher level of service
than we ever could have imagined.

The skill-sets we have learned,
healing, teaching, and awakening technologies,
were just training, preparation,
for the time we are in now.

All of this wasn’t only for ourselves,
we had a greater mission to do our part
in the great transition on planet earth;
to find our place.

We are here to help
not remain distracted even in the most prettiest of distractions,
because these times are truly calling us
to remember and rise up shining,
to offer our gifts to the world.

We arise within the larger context of what is truly happening,
behind, deeper and prior
to the narratives being paraded before us,
or that which we simply have become accustomed to.

That not so always quiet gnawing within
that won’t go away no matter how many cleanses we do,
or how hard we dance,
will turn into a message if we listen closely.

Our spirit, our life force, our very soul,
is here in the most epic of adventures
in the most crucial and amazing of times,
this planet has ever seen.

Only by aligning our life within the context
of the greater unfolding,
and our eternal part in that dance,
will that river of our life-stream finally find it’s home
in activated service.

It is within communities,
urban, rural, however, wherever,
that will be able to hold a nourishing container
for each person to find their place.

Finding our place is finding our peace.

Now is the time to find our tribe,
and bring our friends close,
so together,
in a brand new time,
we can find our way again,
fresh, clean, with curiosity and celebration,
and also the wisdom and learning we bring with us.

In these accelerated times
when shifts can happen in moments,
anything can be healed,
and we can touch, taste, live and know
the ecstasy of the sacred sages
in our own lives,
by participating in what Pachamama
and Great Spirit are calling us to do.

It is more and beyond
even the best life
of vegan icecream, parties, and asanas.

Those saints,
ancient, and living,
have deep and precious keys
to a life worth living,
through their example,
and it is a life full of giving.

In my own personal path of self offering,
I have learned we need both the self-care
and the care of others,
like two wings of a bird.

Our model incorporates all of it,
the Spa and the Ashram,
and all connected inexorably
to funding and supporting
the non-profit service work of Amistad Sagrada
here in the Sacred Valley,
and the indigenous mountain communities.

We have so much to learn,
as we are pioneers walking on a whole new ground,
and we walk in humble prayer.

Only with Higher Guidance
and coming together
can we do this.

It is in communities of beloveds
where the greatest peace, comfort,
learning, thriving and sustainability
will happen.

We came here for it,
not for any of the organic bling,
which may come or go,
but always we must know
that in finding and actualizing our higher service,
all will be given to us,
and more than we could ever even dream.

Because there is a secret inner stream,
and this place is not always so easily seen,
so we are just going to flat out live it now,
and show the world our love in action.

This is why we are being called to see newly,
and innovate spiritually,
being open to hearing from a whole new level of possibility.

It is time to really trust our humanity,
and to know that no matter what form our spiritual path takes,
in essence we are wanting simple things,
and it is the simple things that will heal us.

Pachamama-Great Spirit will take care of those
who do the work. If we give everything
to the service of love
in our small way, wherever we are.

We will find that prize,
even sometimes if it take a few tears along the way
pouring from our eyes.

The shape that it takes is ours to choose,
as we join with others
who are feeling the same inspiration
and dreaming the same dream.

We will dance like dolphins reunited
in endless songs of gratitude.

There is nothing more joyful and blessed
than full participation in life
through our awareness, intelligence, heart-felt knowing,
and conscious self offering.

Giving grows us.
It is an inner wave,
and those who are already surfing it,
will soon be soaring with the angels,
as each of us find our friends
and manifests our small part together,
in the awakening of the planet earth.

With Bows, Smiles, Well Wishes
and Gratitude to Each of You.
From a Windy Afternoon,
in the Sacred Valley of the Incas,

Sanan ❤

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