I have lived in the Andes Mountains of Peru for the past five years, and have been to Burning Man several times previously.

I have had fantastic experiences every time I attended, and it has been one of the top trainings in my ability to live in South America. Burning Man is an amazing event that serves a crucial purpose to “de-matrix”, unwind, re-inspire and find ourselves again in a fun, creative, open and loving environment.

It’s more than a great time or great party—B.M. is one of the most profound, life-changing, heart, mind, spirit and inspiration enhancing events one could ever attend!

But what I have come to understand since leaving the States has really opened my eyes to another perspective of B.M. in the larger picture and context of the real world.

Where I live, the Indigenous Mountain Children have next to nothing. For those who do not realize how disconnected Burning Man is from the reality of billions of people on this planet, travel more.

Most people are so in their bubbles, spiritual or otherwise, which is fine and normal.

1/100th of the millions of dollars of profit made at B.M. could be up-cycled to help literally hundreds of thousands of indigenous children worldwide who are really hurting.

B.M. money can buy sustainable, organic agriculture, water purification and solar lights. It can help bring back phased out indigenous seed varieties for expanded food production, natural medicine and education that truly honors and even helps to bring back the traditional ways of their ancestors. This would all allow them to be truly nourished and not fall into the lies, toxins, distractions and seductions of the so called “modern” world.

Also, truly helping others (rather than just extravagant partying for a quick week) is an absolutely fantastic feeling, like a perma-high, for all you party animals out there.

Once one finds the joy of really uplifting others who are hurting, lonely, mal-nutritioned, in deeply challenged life situations, or who just need a hand up…once one realizes how far a few thousand dollars goes in so called “third world” countries, it’s hard to go back.

One small fraction of the profit earned from B.M could save and enhance tens of thousands of people’s lives world-wide. Real children, who dream of having just a tiny bit of the comforts and opportunities many Burners take for granted.

Additionally, small groups of Burners could band together, pool their B.M. funds and create truly sustainable communities, to thrive into the coming times (while still having enough left over for a great party!)

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