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Our Vision

2 Million plus people come through the portals of Machu Picchu every year, and many of those find their way through the village of Pisac, where we are based. Although a huge amount of people and resources pass through here, via a massive year round tourist trade, the poor who live in this area rarely touch any of that.

Amistad Sagrada offers the many varied visitors from all over the world a chance to participate on a much deeper level with the reality of the people and communities that they are visiting and photographing. It is natural to want to help those most in need, if we have a way to connect with them directly. Amistad Sagrada affords that opportunity in a very special and personal way.

Our focus is on empowerment, and not just to give hand outs. We are not briefly passing through with gifts we have brought, but live here, sharing our lives and days, as locals in this village. These are our friends, our extended family. Living in a village is being part of something very complex, human, living, and real. Like anywhere, there is profound goodness, joy, love, friendship, beauty, shadow, challenges, and opportunities for growth and improvement.

We intend to continually expand the ways in which we can respectfully touch the lives of the indigenous local people who most need some extra love and care, and look to always protect and nurture the ancient ways of this rare, beautiful, and sacred culture of the Andes.