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Projects (continued)

Community for Orphaned and Abandoned Children and Elders (continued)

Our purpose is to establish a safe, positive and nurturing community environment for the orphaned, abandoned and generally poor children (and elders) in the indigenous communities, to come and live, learn and grow into healthy adults. A place where the children can have an amazing childhood and be nourished physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, spiritually and educationally, and generally be creatively inspired and empowered to be all they can be. A place where abandoned and forgotten elders can find safety, joy, dignity, community, friendship, love, healthy food, and the life giving experience of living around children, while offering their wisdom, guidance and experience.

We are opening this sanctuary community with deep respect for the unique individuality of each child and elder that will join us, as well as with deep reverence for the sacred and beautiful Andean culture from which they come.

The addition of healthy living practices, good, high quality, native and natural diet, learning, and fun, all in the context of our supportive and loving family environment, will be an inspiring model for what is possible.

The orphanage will be overseen by both "Mamas" and "Papas," from the villages themselves, and fluent in the local Quechua language and Andean culture. Visitors, guests and volunteers will be invited to work with us, and participate in our daily activities.

The first half of the day the children will be attending our Waldorf based alternative school, in an optimal, loving, and encouraging environment for these children to learn, grow and thrive.

The second half of the day, after a meal, playtime and siesta, they will learn additional skills, such as: various arts and handcrafts, music, natural & organic agriculture, permaculture, food preparation, nutrition, community design, natural building, natural motherhood, good communication skills, healthy family dynamics and much more.

Over time, as the children grow into young adults and have received profound learning's, they will be invited into levels of responsibility within our organization. We envision some of these same children eventually running the community and related activities, businesses, and projects, as fully participating members of Amistad Sagrada, should they choose so.

As we've created a successful model and established all of the levels necessary for a solid and sustainable future, we will look forward to replicating this within other nearby communities, with the goal of being able to share this opportunity with many other children and elders in the Sacred Valley, other parts of Peru, and beyond.

Our philosophy is based on total respect for each members individual paths and callings. We expect many of our "graduating" orphans to go into higher eduction, start families, businesses, projects and careers, and any number of possible futures that will be open to them. Our intention is to give them a vastly expanded vision of their potential and their future, and to assist them in fulfilling that in the ways that they are called. Of course, maintaining a close connection with their communities, families and villages, are the most important factors. We want to empower the members of the indigenous communities to expand their possibilities while maintaining, protecting and revering this ancient sacred culture, and this beautiful land. In fact, our intention is to create projects, businesses, and opportunities for the children to remain in their communities and be able to sustain themselves and their future families, and grow into leaders as they reach adulthood.

These children do not have much, and often are lonely, hungry, and lacking in what would otherwise provide a nourishing childhood experience. Like all children, these are unique and special beings, who deserve the chance to grow up in a healthy and positive way. The blessings we receive by helping them are beyond words, and the gifts of joy, innocence and possibility that these children bring, will touch virtually anyone's life in a personal and profound way.

It is through this vision of learning, experience, education, love, truly healthy community, and creative possibility, that we see empowering the children of the Sacred Valley in all ways, to grow into the beautiful beings that they are. The opportunities for service here are endless and real, and we intend to expand these projects to assist as many children and elders as possible, spreading outwards to other villages and places over time. If you have ever wanted to make a real difference, directly, personally, in the life of a beautiful little girl or boy, an abandoned grandma, or a small family, worthy of a healthy and happy life, but lacking one, this is it. The Children of the Andes, the ancestors of the those who once lived in these famous ruins, need some real love right now, and Amistad Sagrada is here to help make that a reality.