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Club De Ninos (Kid's Club)
Our first project, Club De' Ninos started in Nov., 2009, and has been growing and evolving consistently ever since. Each Sunday from 11am-1pm, up to 50 children, ages 3-13 from Pisac and the local indigenous communities participate in Club De' Ninos at no cost.

Club De Ninos provides a healthy, high quality, positive, creative and fun environment for the children to share a couple of hours of time together, to play, learn, be creative, and have fun. Activities include (but are not limited to) drawing, painting, music, song, dance, theatre, games, projects, guest teachers, arts and crafts, field trips, an English class for children, fresh fruit, healthy snacks, and responsible adult supervision. Club De Ninos takes place in Amistad Sagrada's new 2nd location, around the corner from our store and office.

The themes of positive encouragement, respect, team work, high self-esteem, creative expression, safety, healthy boundaries, natural living, good communication skills and more are infused in these joyful weekly gatherings.

In Jan. 2012 we will begin an additional Club De' Ninos for the children of the indigenous communities who can not make it to Pisac on Sundays.

Aside from Club De Ninos, we also offer a regular schedule of English Classes, Yoga Classes, and (starting in Jan. 2012)) Woman's Health Classes, Natural Motherhood classes, Spanish Classes, Quechua Classes, and (Coming 2nd Quarter 2012) a Natural Healing Clinic, in the same locations. We also have a schedule of English classes on the radio, for the many who want and need to be able to communicate better with the visiting tourists, but have difficulty finding the time or resources to be able to study elsewhere. We expect the offerings of various classes to expand as the creativity, inspiration, talent and desire manifests.

Amistad Tienda
Our store (tienda), is located in the Plaza in Pisac, to the right of the Blue Llama Restaurant. It is here that we meet many new friends from all over the world, traveling through the Sacred Valley. Naturally dyed, hand woven and community made Artisana Crafts, Essential Oils, Natural Body Care Products, a Children's Art Exhibit, live presentations about our projects, free hot coca tea and more take place in our storefront on the plaza. Additionally, the office of Amistad Sagrada are located directly above the store, and you are warmly welcome to come by anytime and say hi. Visit our online store. (Coming Soon!)

There is an abundance of incredibly beautiful, traditional artesana crafts which are made in the indigenous communities and Pisac. This is in fact the center of artisana crafts in the Sacred Valley, and the Pisac Market is famous. Yet often the indigenous communities in the surrounding mountains do not have the ability to effectively sell their crafts to bring sustenance to those who need it most.

Amistad Tienda purchases and sells these artesana crafts for sale both through our local store as well as our website, amistadtienda.com (Coming Soon). The families are supported by our fair trade purchases of their crafts, and customers know they are supporting the projects of Amistad Sagrada when they buy through us.

Permaculture/Organic Farming
Some of the most important projects that we look forward to launching in early 2012 revolve around expanding the local food production. Through a co-collaborative alliance with an organic heirloom seed company and others, we will work with the communities who are most in need of increased food production. Some of the ancient, indigenous and local seed and food varieties have been phased out, in favor of cash crops. This has left many of the local families with less than abundant and varied food supplies. Some of the communities are very high in altitude, and subsist on potatoes, "papas", and sometimes little else.

The lack of quality, varied and healthy year around food supply is one of the top issues facing some of the indigenous communities of the Andes. The opportunities for reintroducing native varieties, while significantly expanding the quality and quantity of food products are very exciting.

This is the primary way we can positively assist the health and well being of these native people, by empowering them to expand on the incredible agricultural production that is already in place here. Of course, organic, earth friendly, Non GMO and chemical free farming is always our approach.

Visiting an Indigenous Village
We also offer special, private visits and journeys, for spiritual and other tourists who are longing for a deeper more direct, and personal experience with the Andean culture here, through Amistad Sagrada Journeys. (Coming Soon!).

We invite travelers to spend a day, a few, or more, actually living in an indigenous village in the Andes. Traditional food, music, dance, crafts, healing, and private "off the beaten trail" visits to ancient ruins make this a highly unique and attractive offering, for both tour groups, families, and individuals. To be in one of these small, ancient, tranquil villages is a rare, beautiful and life changing experience, a taste of another time

Community for Orphaned and Abandoned Children and Elders
Amistad Sagrada is in the process of looking for land for our first community for children and elders. This innovative one of a kind community will be in service to those children who are orphaned, abandoned, poor, malnourished, or from abusive or alcoholic families. Additionally, abandoned elders will be invited to live there as well. This will be a fully functioning children's eco- village, offering an opportunity to live in a healthy, positive, creative, educationally rich and loving family, to those children who would otherwise not have this chance.

Unhealthy diet, lack of schools and supervision, poor sanitation, alcoholism, abuse and neglect are all rampant in these beautiful mountain communities. Hidden far away from the tourists eyes, is the other side to this amazing culture, where lonely hungry children and elders are often lacking the resources, inspiration and opportunities to grow into the beautiful beings which are their birthright and destiny.