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About Us

Amistad Sagrada is a growing community of friends and associates who are coming together to manifest positive and beneficial projects and activities in the Sacred Valley of the Andes Mountains, in Peru. We are based in a small village named Pisac, 40 minutes outside of the Ancient City of Cusco.

Our focus is natural living in harmony with the earth and each other, honoring, preserving and protecting the ancient local culture, and specifically helping children and families in the local mountain communities in and around Pisac, and the Sacred Valley.
Our projects are designed to be mutually inter-related, and create a context for many potential levels of participation, with an extended group of like minded friends. The name Amistad Sagrada means Sacred Friendship.

Our legal structure is that of a non profit NGO, a service organization, and that is exactly what we are. We are set up on a solid foundation of legal integrity, in full compliance with all Peruvian Laws, and have the best legal council in Cusco. By entering here with the purpose and context of service, to help those who truly need it the most, doorways have and continue to open for us.