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Our Vision

Amistad Sagrada: A Glimpse into the Bigger Vision and our Path Forward.

I want to share our vision for an economically self-sustaining system which serves everyone in the most optimal ways, increasing our ability to host our international friends and visitors through deep healing and community, while funding our ever expanding projects with our indigenous friends in the mountains and in Pisaq.

I have been increasingly contacted by people from all over who are wanting to volunteer.
I found that people just naturally want to give, share their love, help others, and connect somehow with the indigenous communities here.
I have also found that there is a deep irony in all of this...
While the 1st worlders are very well meaning, absolutely heart felt and sincere in their desire to help, we have realized some interesting things about what is really the need of our indigenous friends and what are the deeper needs of our 1st world friends.

We realized that empowerment for the indigenous people doesn't look people outside their community doing most of the work for them.   That is exactly not our model.

Our model is of empowering the communities on all levels, from within.

I had to find the interface, the connecting point, where everyone would receive what they really needed, and be maximally blessed.

In this model the personal healing we will offer our international friends will fuel economically, simultaneously and inherently, the service projects in the communities.

This Andean Transformational Healing Spa will be the offering for our world wide friends. The conclusion I have had is that literally millions upon millions of people are needing deep healing right now.

Once the multi-use cultural school house locations in Pampallacta is completed and activated, and as we are able to replicate this in other communities,  there will be many opportunities for folks to come and volunteer and participate in our projects.

But the model goes deeper...
The Andean Transformational Healing Spa (Andean Spa-shram) will be the base camp for our world wide friends visiting here.

The idea is to offer the most profound and professional healing protocols utilizing an array of specific, integrally related modalities, designed to effect an incredible transformational shift in an accelerated period of time.

The Andean Spa would host a continued calender of events, involving all levels of healing, transformation, certifications, activations, teachings, and re- awakening to our natural potential.

Our events would not only be hosted in the most heavenly location, with a view of the mountains and of Pisaq that is breathtaking, but would offer a context that is totally unique here in the Sacred Valley.

Our focus is not endless experiencing, self fixation, or even endless healing, but coming back into our natural healthy state, and then offering ourselves in service.

Because the real healing, the real medicine, is uncovering our gifts to the world...

and then doing it.

We will offer what all the tourist agencies are offering and a whole lot more. All based out of the most amazing spa, with hot tubs and sauna, the best fresh and live foods, juices and smoothies, deep cleansing protocols, healing/body work, yoga, meditation, breath-work, dance, heart circles, chanting, song, fire circles,  celebration and so much more.

The money we make will go toward funding, maintaining and expanding our service work in Pisaq and the Indigenous Communities.

As we build out this project in one community after another, some of the youth of each of these communities will be trained in all the skill sets needed for the project to fully manifest.

So, by the time the 12 communities of Pisaq have their model cultural project built and running, we will have an amazing team of youth who have been trained by our master builders, architects etc.

Then the plan is for those youth, who will soon be experts themselves, to go out in groups to further, more distant and totally forgotten communities in the high Andes, and build out the project.

Once this infrastructure is built out within a community, not only will it be stocked with books, art and weaving supplies, art supplies, hot showers, a community bakery, park for the children, and more...

but we will be begin to bring in high quality teachers and wisdom keepers, starting from within their own communities, nearby communities, The Sacred Valley, Cusco and beyond.

While building out cottage industries which we would showcase to the word via our online store and  on-the-ground stores in Pisaq and Cusco.

Empowering our friends in the mountain communities on many levels, including Health, Culture and Economy.

That is what will completely differentiate us from the large and growing spiritual marketplace that is here in Pisaq and the Sacred Valley.

We have an entirely different approach. That we do our healing and spiritual practices and protocols to prepare us to be in service. Not for endless self perfecting, virtue signaling, or trying to become someone.

We find ourselves naturally within a life of self offering, rather than self absorption.

We will offer practical ways to get involved, and participate with various cottage industries, run by local youth, all designed, again, to fund our projects.

While many people want to volunteer, what they really want to do is help, and they mistakenly in this case think that "volunteering" is always the best way to help, but that's not always the case.

What is needed is not man/woman power/workers, it's money to fund the cost of building our infrastructure.

The community  has no lack of hard workers.

The idea is to get real where all of us are at, and address everyone's real needs.

So that's what the Spa is for, to bring us home again, to ourselves, on a higher, freer, lighter, clearer energy and biosphere, within our bodies, minds and souls.

And the fact that our visitors, when they are sinking into their hot tub with their juice and about to get a massage...

will know that they are funding directly and significantly positive projects that effect entire communities (not isolated families, which is often the case), and that their Sacred Valley experience is not a bubbled elite disconnected retreat, but a fully co-collaborative, empowering win win win situation, for them, for the local people, and for us as an organization.

Beyond that, our retreat participants will be fulfilling a huge secondary need (after their own Sacred Valley, Peru/Personal Care Retreat) and that is...

to give back in a truly significant, meaningful way, to the local people who need it most.

To be able to take care of ourselves while simultaneously taking care of the host communities around us.

And then we take our beloved guests up into the indigenous community. To see the work they have already funded and helped empower to make happen!

They don't have to go and do something, they already did something huge, the only needed thing, which was...

when they were taking the absolute best care of themselves, in a long deserved retreat of an absolutely unique quality, they were funding desperately needed, decades in the waiting projects in our beautiful mountain communities of Pisaq.

So they get to go and visit what they are already part of! And maybe share a skill or a song, or participate in some sports or games, and local food etc.

with friends.

Because this is the context that we offer. Not as tourist, or bubbled new age retreat participants, but co-collaborators, friends.

Amistad Sagrada means...

Sacred Friendship.

We have a decade of dedicated service to this pueblo behind us.

It is that level of social connectivity, carefully, daily, built over these ten years, that is the solid, real life foundation for all of our work here.

We have only been a non-profit  organization for the entire time. We have not had a single business up until now.

The idea is with the launch of this site, and the intro videos and other videos and media to come...

that we are ready to create the ability, thrrough a transformational healing center in the Andes, to fund, for the first time ever, sustainably into the far future, our service projects here in the Sacred Valley.

A win win win economic model, which will move us from the out dated, totally non-sustainable donor based approach, to a fully thriving, product and service oriented approach, which will allow us to blossom  our projects in the most amazing ways,  benefiting  the most amount of people in the quickest possible time frame.

It is  time to begin sharing our vision for the most evolutionary opportunity that could effect the lives of thousands of people who will visit the Sacred Valley in  years to come, and profoundly impact,  many, most or all of the indigenous mountain communities of the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Through the replication of our first model project in the community of Pampallacta, which we are building out now.

But there is another deeper aspect to this, which I must share with you.  1st world people do not realize always the deeply entrenched conditioning they carry, even coming from very spiritual lives.

People often want to connect with the indigenous people, because they are living still in their original consciousness and traditional ways.

They haven't been contaminated in the ways we have, to put it bluntly.

So first we go through our own personal healing, releasing, unwinding,   and peeling away  those levels, revealing a vastly renewed  state of wellness, balance, health and joy.

And from there, rather than with all our unseen baggage, we will go meet the local indigenous people.

An absolutely unique opportunity for travelers to connect with an entirely new level of experience, due to an entirely different foundation from which we are building this upon.

The visit to the indigenous community will be to taste their food, see their dance, experience their culture, meet the children, grandparents and families, visit their farms, see their way of life, and also visit our project sites.

The possibilities are endless. We are so close to this crucial next level becoming real, it is literally in progress, although currently we have completely run out of funds!

Though the path forward is clear and so truly beautiful, as I hope  you have glimpsed from this very short introduction to our vision...

we are not there yet!

If you resonate with our work and have the ability and  inspiration to help make it happen,  please contact me.

With Much Love and Warmest Regards,

thanks so much for reading!



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