I share these Transmissions for those who might be interested in the deeper spiritual-philosophical foundation that our projects are arising from. What the heart of this vision is.
They were written between 2014 and 2017

These transmissions, in free poetic form, may not necessarily appeal to those who just want to know the facts and solid grounded realities of Amistad Sagrada.
For those who would like to see our personal perspective on things, the larger context in which our work is manifesting, the bigger picture, what our dream is, or to get to know us a little better, please read on.

Sanan’s 7 Year Anniversary Update. (2016) Our Organizational Structure: a Vision of Healing and Spiritual Community in Peru. Part 11

By sanan | June 11, 2021

(Note: this and all of these Transmissions are shared so you can see and know our perspectives over time, to get to know us better. Over the years all of this has evolved, and continues to, as it organically, gradually manifests into the present moment.) This post explains the evolution of what has come in…

Our Blog is Coming Soon!

By sanan | October 9, 2019

Hi! We are in the process of pulling our years of Facebook updates and posts in order to share them here to tell our story. Please check back soon!

A Reality Check-In for my U.S. Spiritual Tribe in Trying Times. Part 12: Looking Within and Beneath the Meltdown

By sanan | June 12, 2021

Awakening from The New Age: Is “Enlightenment” simply to finally reveal our True Humanity? I’ve noticed that people’s definition of being “awake” is very subjective. It seems like those who want to awaken others are often just trying to convince folks to see and agree with their perspective, to validate themselves as they teach over…

From Burning Man to the Andes

By sanan | September 10, 2010

I have lived in the Andes Mountains of Peru for the past five years, and have been to Burning Man several times previously. I have had fantastic experiences every time I attended, and it has been one of the top trainings in my ability to live in South America. Burning Man is an amazing event that serves a…

Burning Man, Behind the Mask

By sanan | September 4, 2014

In a society gone mad, where artificial, superficial and phony rule, no wonder everyone must wear a social mask to get through life. Unfortunately over time, that mask becomes a skin, and that skin becomes our personality, which we conform to, and then everyone thinks that’s us! But inside, the real us waits, sometimes for…