I share these Transmissions for those who might be interested in the deeper spiritual-philosophical foundation that our projects are arising from. What the heart of this vision is.
They were written between 2014 and 2017

These transmissions, in free poetic form, may not necessarily appeal to those who just want to know the facts and solid grounded realities of Amistad Sagrada.
For those who would like to see our personal perspective on things, the larger context in which our work is manifesting, the bigger picture, what our dream is, or to get to know us a little better, please read on.

A Vision of Healing and Spiritual Community in Peru: Part 1

By sanan | June 1, 2021

I am the seed of a dream that was sent here a long time ago. There are so many like us on earth right now. Our ancestors still live on far away stars. We were here on a journey to help this planet go through a big transition. I sure hope some of my sisters…

Finding our Place is Finding our Peace: A Vision of Healing and Spiritual Community in Peru. Part 2.

By sanan | June 2, 2021

Underneath even the the most awesome conscious lifestyle, perfect diet, evolutionary thinking, great intentions, positive affirmations, cool visualizations, amazing friends, dance, festivals, health food stores, music, yoga, healing work, and infinite seeming possibilities, there is an unspoken something, that is knocking on the doors of our heart from the inside. If a growing organic buffet…

A Vision of Healing and Spiritual Community in Peru. Part 3.

By sanan | June 3, 2021

I have already laid the ground work to anchor both the invisible and visible, legal, social, and cultural infrastructure and connectivity for this next phase to be able to happen. This foundation that I have built over these 7 continuous years couldn’t even remotely be replicated, because the Pueblo has already changed so much, even…

A Vision of Healing and Spiritual Community in Peru. Part 4

By sanan | June 4, 2021

The millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of people who come through the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu every year do not positively impact the lives of the vast majority of Native People who live here. All that hope and possibility is just passing them by. All this tourism is certainly making a bunch…

Our Vision of Healing and Service: Finding our Deeper Calling and Purpose on The Dawn of the Great Awakening. Part 5

By sanan | June 5, 2021

What I am about to share with you is so incredibly simple yet truly profound. It is the very foundation and context of our Andean Transformational Spa and Ashram, opening in 2022 in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Throughout the journeys of all our lifetimes we moved away from Source to learn, dance, work, play,…

A Vision of Healing and Spiritual Community in Peru. Part 6

By sanan | June 6, 2021

Many are becoming increasingly concerned as how to best navigate the coming times. Let us be very loving and forgiving with ourselves and each other for the most gentle awakening from whatever flavor of slumber we might have been living in. As we accept each moment of shadow and light as it arises in our…

2020 Hindsight: Manifesting Optimal Futures. Part 7

By sanan | June 7, 2021

I have a message that just came through and I have to share it. It’s about 2020 Hindsight. It’s about looking back from the Year 2020 to this very moment. Everyone talks about the New Earth and creating new models and pathways for these times. Like a planet-wide sacred mandalic grid of light-beings and communities.…

A Vision of Healing and Spiritual Community in Peru. Part 8

By sanan | June 8, 2021

The world does not always optimally support a true foundation for awakening beings, and thus is not always able to afford the ideal environment for our own healing and remembrance, what to say of our life in the New Earth. This vision is a simple model for the future. When we change the very foundation…

Finding Solid Ground in Changing Times: A Vision of Healing and Spiritual Community in Peru. Part 9

By sanan | June 9, 2021

If we are going to truly offer our lives in service of Great Spirit on this earth you can be sure we will be stretched. It is going to bring up every single shadow, concept, pain, history, wound and identification in the process. All the stuff we always thought was us. We are all that,…

Living the Larger Story of Our Lives in Service to a Birthing Earth: a Vision of Healing and Spiritual Community in Peru. Part 10

By sanan | June 10, 2021

We do not leave our humanity behind at any time but dive deep into this human experience to truly know the fullness and potential of what is this Gift of Life. What is the Grace of Love that has been spoken about in all the Divine Scriptures of this world that can transform us forever,…