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Sanan (David Reid) was born and raised by two very loving parents in NYC and Long Island, spent several years in Williamstown Massachusetts, Bennington and Brattleboro Vermont and Faber Virginia, and then moved to Santa Cruz California in late 1986.

Catching what seemed, looked and sounded like the tail end of the 60's, Sanan's decade of spiritual searching and practice, having dived deep into the lineages and teachings of his path, was about to come to life.

in 1987 Sanan began having spiritual openings around the time before what was known as Harmonic Convergence. He was one of the first Westerners to meet and become a devotee of Mata Amritananda Mayi from Kerala India, in a living in room in Santa Cruz.

Two decades of traveling with the Grateful Dead, living in small cabins or vans, ashrams and spiritual communities,  and participating in Rainbow Gatherings, music festivals and barter fairs throughout the Pacific Northwest was the journey of a lifetime. In late 1987 Sanan begin the first sharing of some inspired information that would later become a book by the name of Emergence: The Awakening of the Planet Earth.

In 2020 that will be 33 years ago, and now I feel inspired to republish Emergence, with a final chapter of how after all this time we are now unfolding this vision of love and service in the Peruvian Andes...

and how you (the reader) can participate.

(Note: the idea is to also have a chapter in the beginning briefly telling the story of those times, and how I ended up in Peru. But the purpose of republishing it again, with a lot of previously unpublished downloads, is to create a portal where people will read it and be called to come out and visit us here in the Sacred Valley. A way to network with spiritual seekers. With the intention of offering something completely unique and very valuable within the "spiritual marketplace". )

This will be one of the ways we will soon be newly outreaching to the world.

But what I want to share with you  friends, is that this is way more than a cool project or even series of projects.

I have basically gathered the essence, the fruits of my entire life, and put it into form.

This vision is much bigger than it appears and we will be sharing it all with you as it unfolds.

The launch of this site, and the media that will be based here moving forward, are the next crucial steps in our unfolding.

We are ready now for the work we are doing and where we are going to blossom as it could be.

Just to consider the possibilities brings me incredible joy.

Thank you for letting me share my life-path with you through the work of Amistad Sagrada and Embrace Peru.

This website is the doorway to our next level, because when the world sees what we are doing, we know there is going to be response.

I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and feel tremendously blessed to be able to share this journey with our international friends.

Thank you.



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