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This is what I have found: by sharing our love, knowledge, resources, skills, creativity, inspiration or whatever, with those who can really receive and appreciate it, we can enter into an experience that no “thing” can ever bring us. It is like a simple secret that has been lost in the hustle and bustle of this modern world. We are not here simply to maintain or even perfect ourselves only. The bridge, the doorway to that often mystified “secret” portal into a life of love and freedom is at the juncture of our self offering. It is when we give fully of ourselves that we can fully receive. In fact, it happens simultaneously, in the same moment! It is when we offer ourselves in service to love, by caring for our sisters and brothers on this earth who are hurting, that we can taste, or even live in the infinite river of that which we truly seek. I want to help reveal this again. We are all longing for a deeper experience of this precious life, but how to find it?! This is the way I have found, where all get nourished, each in the ways we need. There is as much suffering in the western materialistic countries as there is in the most poverty stricken ones, just on the other side of the spectrum. It is an eternal yearning covered by many layers of distraction, striving and forgetting. But we can step off of this illusion, step out of this endless searching, whether for materialistic emptiness or endless spiritual seeking, both which often hide underneath a deep unspoken angst. We can enter again into the innocence and joy and fulfillment of life, by fully participating with life.


Over 10 years ago I moved to the pueblo of Pisaq in the Sacred Valley of the Andes. I have  worked here and in the indigenous communities outside my village since I arrived.  What I have found has completely transformed my life and perceptions.

Though many of  the people have very little, almost nothing materially (aside from their families, community, small adobe homes, and a piece of land to farm), and although there are many problems, they are mostly very happy.

When I think back on the consumption and materialism of North America, it is just amazingly evident that things, objects, stuff, glitter and illusions do not bring happiness. In fact, they appear to estrange us from ourselves, our families, our communities, our connection with the earth and life around us.

From a distance, there appears to be so much suffering in the most materialistic of countries, but it is often hidden.

The contrast between the indigenous/earth based peoples, those that are still here with us, and the westernized countries is vast. The journey to forgetting has been a long one. But how to return, how to re-enter a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with life, one that we may have known in a distant past?


 The indigenous tribes on this earth, what is left of them, have a message for us that is incredibly profound. We can find our own eternal indigenous nature in their eyes, in their hearts beaming back at us, as we offer ours to them. In that reflection, in that simple circle of love and sharing, we will find that “missing link” that we have been long searching for, and an experience that is truly beyond this world. By caring for, protecting and nurturing that which is most precious on this earth, we will also be cared for. By feeding those who are hungry, we will be fed deep within our own hearts and souls. By loving those who are forgotten, we will know amazing love! The indigenous children of the Andes (as do all Indigenous People World Wide) have a rare gift for this world, and we want to invite you to experience this. Together, we can truly lift each other up.

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