If we are going to truly offer our lives
in service of Great Spirit on this earth
you can be sure we will be stretched.
It is going to bring up every single shadow,
concept, pain, history, wound and identification
in the process.
All the stuff we always thought was us.
We are all that, the human side,
but we are so much more as well.
We find that out in the context of our service here
even if it is simply holding space
for a gentle planetary birth.
Our dedication, our promise to fulfill our mission
given eons ago in time and space
is what will propel us through this unfolding
and any uncomfort that may arise.
We keep the “prize” in heart and mind,
for it is the sweet soon-to-be-reality
calling us ever forward.
This is the highest ecstasy
because we are making Pacha Mama’s Dream Real
here on this earth,
so others can also share in the celebration.
Our trials and tears in undergoing this long process
is the sacred price we have paid to get this far
in the most epic story
that has ever happened.
It’s time we found our place in this story,
the story of life unfolding and awakening
on a bright blue ball in space.
We can surrender the burdens of our journey,
the hardships, trauma and sadness
of these human lives
into the river of self offering,
and it will be cleansed.
We will know and see the path
to our beautiful destiny
and the steps we must now take
to make it real.
It is time for our true purpose here to arise,
to be caretakers in these precious times
of manifesting the dream of love on earth.
In the process all of our deepest, truest, personal dreams
will also come into being
in their purest form.
We can relax and trust
as we become the butterfly we always truly were,
and allow the caterpillar to be consumed and loved
into the fullness of who we really are.
We will know that fullness
when we are in the river of service
and communion.
All this happens with a little prayer
to know our place of being
and our offering
to the world.
The only solid ground we can stand on
in this trembling time of change
is the truth of who we are
and why we are here.
Prayer, faith, and action.
Full surrender to the guidance
we receive from within,
and from our maestros.
The joy we will feel when we find this
is a sign that this is our true doorway.
Entering into the heart of silence
communing with Great Spirit
and asking.
Wait until you know it’s real
with every fiber of your being,
then do it.
Be it.
It’s time my friends.
With Much Love and Respect
on a chilly full moon night in the
Sacred Valley of the Andes, Peru.
Sanan ��

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