The world does not always optimally support a true foundation for awakening beings, and thus is not always able to afford the ideal environment for our own healing and remembrance, what to say of our life in the New Earth.
This vision is a simple model for the future.
When we change the very foundation of our life everything changes.
That which seemed so illusive will then become our normal reality.
We are slowly creating and grounding a model,
a unique example for the future.
This vision contains a powerhouse of positive ripple effects in it’s implementation.
This includes ourselves, the indigenous communities around us through our unique model of co- collaborative and ‘beyond sustainable’ projects, our friends world wide who will be able to visit and even stay in one of our Eco-villages during their visit to Peru, and more.
The heart of the Ashram will include doing service in any of the cottage industries, all wrapped around the best yoga, breath-work, meditation, dance, music, kirtan and a full array of healthy delicious food of all kinds.
The Ashram will sustain the businesses and the Spa,
the products and services under the umbrella of Embrace Peru.
It is the various businesses, products, services, tourism,
of Embrace Peru which will fund the service work
of Amistad Sagrada in the Indigenous Mountain Communities of the Sacred Valley.
This is our model of moving into total financial sustainability
and moving out of the donor based outdated model of the past,
which is neither viable nor sustainable.
This model is multi-dimensionally beyond sustainable,
and creates thriving empowerment for everyone and anyone
who would connect with us
in some way or another.
I just wanted to paint a little picture of where this is going.
I can feel somehow it’s going to happen,
some miracle I know is waiting around the corner.
Because we are ready, this is so ready.
This is too good
the timing is too ripe
I have shed too many tears
and we are way too devoted
and invested
with everything that we are and have
for this tiny miracle
not to somehow, in some way
fully manifest.
I have made a vow to my pueblo,
to Pachamama, 7 years ago…
a silent promise
that even the babies seem to know.
I am all in
and stand fully with my friends here.
I am here on service
to literally help multiple generations
to navigate through these precarious times
in the most amazingly positive, empowering
and nourishing of ways.
So I am just breathing,
and watching in utter awe
as I take each step
and this becomes real day by day,
before my heart, mind,
and eyes.
I am not the only one witnessing this you must know,
my entire village is seeing and feeling this with me,
hundreds, thousands,
and together, me and my friends here
are going to create a real miracle of love
in this little Pueblo of Pisaq,
and the humble Indigenous Communities around us,
and in fact, it’s already long begun.
With Much Love to All,
from a Full Moon Night
Deep in the Land of the Incas,

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