I have a message that just came through and I have to share it. It’s about 2020 Hindsight. It’s about looking back from the Year 2020 to this very moment. Everyone talks about the New Earth and creating new models and pathways for these times. Like a planet-wide sacred mandalic grid of light-beings and communities. Here’s how we can do it and look back from 2 and a half years from now with a big smile on our face and in our heart. ❤

We start from ourselves, and our families, friends and communities. From within outwards. Taking now some of the resources people have, and using them to build small community infrastructure, on land with water.

As well as urban.

We create the solid foundations now
within and without
so we can be of greater service later.

Moving out of the first world spiritual bubbles that though may be comfortable, may not necessarily be fulfilling our true potential. And they may not even be that comfortable in many ways.

And they may not necessarily be where we will find the most suffering people on the planet who really need our help right now.
Being in expensive new age “first world” bubbles are not the only places possible to be offering our love and sharing our gifts with people who can truly receive them.

Because we were meant to also step out and serve, while simultaneously taking full abundant care of ourselves, our families and our tribes.
That good foundation we step out from and return to as we serve the world.

That our sadhana and healing practices are not to reach a state of “enlightenment” or nirvana, which is just other forms of materialism, but rather, to create health, wellness, vibrancy and awakening within our own lives, bodies, minds, hearts and spirits, so we can fully offer our special gifts to the world.

Within families and communities.

Neither self-denying attempts at service for others, nor narcissistic service to self.

We are also part of the web of life,
and when we start with taking care of ourselves,
we effect the whole,
and are at the exact point
of our true power.

We forget about saving or fixing the whole world,
which is the path to it not ever happening,
and take care of our tiny part instead.

All the spiritual and healing gifts we have learned and grown into are also meant to be offered in service to a hurting planet. Not only as a business. True abundance will come when we somehow can offer our ourselves in this way.

There’s a billion hungry, lonely, sick, confused and sad people out there.

Find one and make a difference.
I believe this idea can help touch a deep space of love and purpose within our lives.

Building points of light, service and healing
wherever we live. Even in the smallest possible way.

Back in the day we used to spend hours talking about our dream communities, and what it will all be like. But most just got comfy in a spiritual version of the matrix.

In two and half years, service based healing communities could pop up all over, with the resources that conscious people already have.
Rather than waiting for some great awakening, the hundredth monkey effect, or the et’s to come and save us, we start where we are, and do it on earth.
Make it real in a small way now, to be a point of light later. Rather than trying to fix a big world, we create the example, be the example. We are the microcosm. So within so without.

Everyone take good care of your home, your heart,
your beloveds.

Not taking anything for granted.
Two and a half years from now will be 2020.

If we take this message to heart
the Grid Lights Up in 2020,
and we get to steward our little part
of the New Earth
that we always dream,
read and talk about.

Somehow in some way,
let us look back from then,
on this moment now,
with a smile on our face.

I take this brief moment
to give thanks for each of my friends,
and our precious time together on this planet.

From a Dark Cold Night,

Deep in the Heart of the Peruvian Andes,
Sanan ❤

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