I have already laid the ground work to anchor both the invisible and visible, legal, social, and cultural infrastructure and connectivity for this next phase to be able to happen.
This foundation that I have built over these 7 continuous years couldn’t even remotely be replicated, because the Pueblo has already changed so much, even in the past couple of years.
This precious social foundation of my personal relationships here, and my place in this pueblo, is what this work is based on…
and this is why I know we will thrive.
We will re-activate our Eternal Stillness, Inherent Connectedness, Native Heart Wisdom, Vibrant Wellness and Ancient Remembrance, so we can know for sure our place in this world in these times, and be healthy and happy stewards of a Sacred Life of Service.
Our approach is simply to remove the layers that are keeping any of us from fulfilling our true potential.
This includes residents, short or long term guests in our community, or those who will come to experience this first hand, in their lives and bodies, relationships and awakened perspectives.
We may be thinking positive thoughts all day, but if we have large colonies of candida, parasites, subluxations, trauma, toxins, emotional wounds, an acidic condition or whatever, it will be hard to feel and know our best potential.
We can’t help others if we ourselves are sick.
We will address all of this and more
on the deepest levels
and within a profound context.
Through Breath and Song, Living Foods and Juices,
Music, Movement, Dance, Meditation, Natural Medicine,
Pure Andean Spring Water, Sauna, Massage, Sunbathing, Natural Hot Tubs, and a full spectrum of the most amazing array of Holistic Healing, Bodywork, Deep Cleansing and Liberation Technologies, we will free ourselves from the bondage of the past.
So we can know and reside in our True Nature.
We will find that eternal silence again, the inner source,
the wellspring of inspiration to receive
a new and thrilling possibility for our own lives.
It is from this place of true abundance
that we wait for that spark of love within
to be so happy and fulfilled that it naturally dances out
and looks for a place to give, to share,
to love.
That’s when the next phase of this journey begins,
our self offering;
the giving of our gifts to the world.
This is why life in our communities will not be separate
from our spiritual path. It is our spiritual path.
Removing the duality that exists within the normal confused life in the world,
so that our higher purpose can not only arise and be made known,
but be lived, nurtured and sustained,
and with others who are doing the same.
Living a life with others who are dreaming the same dream,
and are equally devoted to making it real.
All of what we do arises from our philosophy
of “beyond sustainable” thriving,
and then sharing from abundance.
Our philosophy of abundance comes from understanding
what is true wealth.
Profound Health, Happiness, Love, Friends, Children, Families, Sacred Community, Purpose, Gratitude, Joy, Land, Water, Sunshine, Resources, Vision. A Dream to Serve the World.
We will live very simply and humbly but well,
enjoying all that we need.
Living in true full spectrum abundance,
being fed by all the elements,
with our communities addressing many basic things,
which will enable us to then focus on our real needs,
what truly nourishes us,
and let go of that which does not.
This process of cleansing and purification
that we ourselves will go through
as well as offer others in our Andean Healing Center
will itself reveal what that is for each person individually.
The foundation of our simple healthy lifestyle,
and any healing work or spiritual practices we may do,
are all to prepare us to be of service,
not just as an end in itself.
In this way our self care is directly related to our purpose;
taking care of ourselves and taking care of others
are two wings enabling us to fly balanced through life.
We want to first feel great,
but that’s just the beginning…
the work begins as we reach out to help those around us
to feel great as well.
We will grow and eat in abundance all of the local traditional Andean Foods such as Quinoa, Kiwicha, Tarwe, Nabu, Lisas, Moraya, Maiz, and many others.
We will grow our own gardens, bake our own breads,
pick our own fruit, make our whole healthy meals.
We will launch an incredible array of cottage industries
from kombucha, chocolates, and healthy snacks,
to a natural clothing line,
and so much more.
We will celebrate and share real food in all it’s wonderful ways.
We will raise our children and families in the ways of Pacha Mama.
We will create a space of healing and renewal unlike any other.
Those of us who will live in these communities will work together
to create, sustain and thrive this vision,
on the ground, here in the Sacred Valley of Peru (initially)
and with sister communities in the Upper Jungle.
Most people are chasing money, thinking it is true wealth,
but it is not, it is a counterfeit yet super valuable tool.
However the environment which one needs to live in
in order to compete for money
is often very expensive and challenging to begin with.
It is a lifestyle that is difficult to maintain,
and may not ultimately nourish
the more simple and deeper parts of ourselves
the part that we are working to get to,
some time in the future.
Back to the garden within!
It is the foundation, the people, the reason,
and the very context of our lives,
not the things in it, or the movie-set of it,
that is important of course.
A true and beautiful life is very simple,
but often very elusive.
We are meant for it,
it’s time…
so we must reach deeply within and without
and create it in our life
in our relationships,
and the world around us.
With Much Gratitude, Bows and Smiles,
Wishing Each of You
a Beautiful Day/Evening…
From a Cool Starry Night
Deep in the Heart of the Peruvian Andes,
Sanan ❤ Thanks so much for reading. I really appreciate it a lot.

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