Amistad Sagrada (Sacred Friendship) is a small non-profit organization based out of the village of Pisaq in the Sacred Valley of the Andes outside Cusco, Peru.

Our focus is co-collaborative, inspiring, sustainable service projects in the areas of cultural renovation, enhanced health, self esteem, opportunity, and positive living.

The millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of people who come through the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu every year do not positively impact the lives of the vast majority of Native People who live here. All that hope and possibility is just passing them by.

All this tourism is certainly making a bunch of folks wealthy in this spiritual marketplace, but not the Indigenous Mountain Communities; the people who make this place so special.

It's time for a change.

We are passionate about helping the local indigenous people to improve their lives in all ways while maintaining the full integrity of their ancient sacred culture.

In order for us to stop the tide of young adults leaving the communities, we will create sustainable businesses and opportunities within the communities.

We will bring the children together with the elders so they can teach them the last remaining wisdom, stories, teachings, that they hold; to pass this precious lineage of information down.

We are over 8 deep years into creating our "community within the community" here in Pisaq.

While our external projects embody our actions up until now, the social connectivity, friendship (amistad) that has been carefully, devotedly and patiently built, are the true foundations of what is about to happen.

This is one of the last intact remaining indigenous populations on the planet.