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Amistad Sagrada is a small Peruvian Non Profit Organization based out of the village of Pisaq in the Sacred Valley of the Andes, half hour outside of Cusco. We have been living and working here for over 10 years continuously.

Our focus is co-collaborative, self empowering service projects here in the Sacred Valley and the Indigenous Mountain Quechua Speaking Communities.

Our main objectives involve uplifting the local people through projects related to the protection and reclamation of their own indigenous culture, language, foods, arts and crafts, as well as uplifting people's health and self esteem, while creating economic opportunities so that the youth will not need to leave their communities in search of resources.

Our current projects include a Weaving Cooperative (Awaymi Kawsay) working with the most challenged families from our 12 high altitude mountain communities, a store where we sell the items from our cooperative, an Arts and Language School (Yachay Wasicha), a Soccer School (Pisaq Inca Club Futbal), a Volleyball School (Pisaq Inca Club Voleibol), A Model Cultural Project in one of the Indigenous Mountain Communities, a Sunday Open House, as well as other projects.

We are in the process of creating this new website.  It should be complete by Nov. 6th. Please check back here for updates. Thanks for visiting!

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